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Dark Desire2 - 2.0

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4.01/5 (343 votes).

Awesome theme with nice details.

Dark Desire2 contain for now:

-more then 820+ icons

-settings icons

-2 sets of folders

-1 AE shadow


-UI(from desire and desire2)

-Phone Keypad buttons theme

Folders Names:






-now in order to use this like they should

be you need to apply the Dark Desire2 hide grid

as well on anemone that way the icons will

be hiden from the top of the folders and show only inside it.


-all those who purchase this theme and

want some more icons they have 15 free icons if they

send me their proof of purchase meaning

the paypal email and the nick with what they made the

purchase also i will need that they send me the

info.plis from each app and an icon or just direct

the icon with the exact bundle ID

if you know how to search the bundle ID of the apps.


-goes to all who is keeping the Jailbreak

alive and also to all my supporters,

followers and friends.


-8 new icons added